Here are some of the places I have looked for a reference to Nic Marchetti's hometown in Italy:

courthouse At the Sierra County Court House in Downieville, I found Immigration Records and Marriage Records, but all say only "Italy" for place of birth. There is no record of Nic's sons' births.
The Catholic Church has a record of Nic and Annie's marriage, but "groom's birthplace" just says "Italy." Their sons' baptism records (which I was hoping might have a space for "Father's birthplace") were around as late as the 1940s, but have since been lost.
The Marchetti family shows up in the census records in Port Wine, Sierra County, and in San Francisco after their move. Once again, Nic's birthplace is always noted as simply "Italy."
messenger bdg

The Downieville Mountain Messenger, the oldest weekly newspaper in California founded in l853, had regular news stories about Port Wine until the early 1900s. Most back issues are available on microfilm in the basement of the Doe Library on the UC Berkeley campus.

The Messenger did a wonderful job of describing the joys and sorrows of life in Port Wine during its brief but eventful existence.

The Messenger is still publishing from its historic wooden building in Downieville.

I also checked with the Mormon Church's Family History Center, but they weren't able to suggest doing anything I hadn't already done.

And yes, I do have a copy of Nic's death certificate, but since he didn't fill it out himself (obviously) and none of his survivors knew where he was born, it too just says "Place of Birth-Italy."


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