Arrival in the United States


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I found Nic Marchetti's citizenship papers in the Sierra County courthouse in Downieville, California.

The documents indicate that Nic first arrived in the United States on October 21, 1889, declared his intention to become a citizen in 1892 and was naturalized in l904.

Unfortunately, the only "place of origin" reference was "Italy" hometown.

1889 is too early to show up on the excellent Ellis Island Immigration website.

archives d.c.
National Archives, D.C.

I checked passenger lists at the National Archives in Washington D.C. and learned that a French ship, La Gascogne, arrived in New York on Oct 21, 1889 from Le Harve, France carrying many Italian immigrants. However, Nic's name wasn't on the passenger list. At the National Archives, I was told that many young men took jobs on immigrant ships and just quit when they got to New York. Their names aren't on the passenger lists.
la gascogne
La Gascogne
Hoping to see if Nic did, in fact, arrive on La Gascogne as a crewmember, I wrote to the archives of the French Shipping Lines in Le Havre when I read on their website that they have crew lists for their vessels, including La Gascogne. I was hoping that maybe a hometown would be listed. They wrote back saying they were very sorry, but those records have been destroyed.



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